At the Southcentral Bureau

Some random, unconnected, early July thoughts ...

• Aren't fireworks fun? Chances are, most of you got to see some sort of patriotic explosions during the last week. On Sunday evening, I was proofing some pages while enjoying a cocktail at the Weekly's southcentral bureau--conveniently located near Reid Park--when a series of noises that sounded like a meth lab had exploded interrupted my reverie. Of course, it wasn't a meth lab (they're more likely to be found in wealthier neighborhoods); it was the fireworks at Reid Park. Garrett and I went outside to enjoy the show. It was fantastic, and would have been even better if I hadn't left my cocktail inside.

• Speaking of cocktails ... if you've never tried Lemoncello ... don't. It sounds nice and refreshing. But it really isn't.

• On a completely different note ... if you've been debating getting a new pet--and you have the home, time and patience to have one--I strongly encourage you to head to the Pima Animal Care Center, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona or another animal-rescue organization. We keep getting press releases from these groups begging people to take an animal or two home, because there are so many wonderful pets that need to be adopted.

I was at the Humane Society a couple of weekends ago, and the number of awesome animals there almost broke my heart. I ended up adopting two insane kittens, 9-week-old tabby-cat brothers now named Buster and Maeby. And let's just say that since then, life at the southcentral bureau has been a lot more interesting--in a very good way.

Seriously ... if you have a good home, and the appropriate inclination, adopt a pet. The alternative for these animals is just too horrible to think about.

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