Assorted Ramblings

Here's some useful information, presented for your convenience in an easy-to-follow, bulleted format:

• This is the last chance to make suggestions for Best of Tucson™ category additions or deletions. We're going to finalize the 2009 ballot soon--voting starts next month--so let me know ASAP if you have any inspired ideas. Thanks!

• If you're hanging out at home on a Thursday night, and are pondering what to do during the upcoming weekend, we strongly recommend tuning in to the KMSB Channel 11 news at 9--where you can now see one of us Weekly folks discussing the weekend's goings-on with Fox 11's Devin Neeley. Of course, we talk about the same stuff that's in the fine publication you're perusing right now, so the info may be a bit redundant, but whatever; what's important is that it's good information. And you can never have too much of that, right?

• Coming next week: Our all-new spring Yum! dining guide. It's chock-full of stories on topics such as taco trucks and how restaurants are coping with the economic downturn; plus, it has our Chow Scan list of recommended restaurants in its entirety!

• Finally, St. Patrick's Day is coming this week, and that means it's time for a Weekly tradition: an Irish-themed cover story, compliments of Margaret Regan. This year's story--on the life of Father Kieran McCarty, who passed away last December--is a compelling read. Enjoy!

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