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Besides being an award-winning border reporter and the author of two books on the immigration crisis (The Death of Josseline and Detained and Deported), Margaret Regan has been covering Tucson's art scene for nearly three decades now. So naturally, we turn to her when it comes time to lay out what's on the horizon in our Fall Arts Preview. Margaret did her usual outstanding work, alerting us to the big celebration of Bauhaus that's coming our way and a whole bunch more. I love reading Margaret's work because I always learn something new. Sink and learn something new yourself.

Speaking of veteran journalists: have I mentioned that Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith's fiction collection, Spent Saints, has been turned into a series of short films that's debuting on Amazon Prime on Sept. 1? We will have more details in next week's issue, but we're super proud of Brian's work with his wife, Maggie Smith. In his column this week, Brian introduces us to Hannah Theriot, just a 20-something girl trying to make it a better life in Tucson.

Elsewhere in this week's issue: Staff writer Kathleen Kunz looks at where Arizona's U.S. senators—Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally—stand on expanded background checks and red flag laws (spoiler warning: Sinema supports them and McSally doesn't appear to, though she remains—true to form—hard to pin down); columnist Tom Danehy wonders why teen girls are so attached to their cell phones; staff writer Christopher Boan sings the blues with guitar legend Robert Cray ahead of his show next week at Rialto Theatre; XOXO columnist Xavier Otero covers the highlights of Labor Day weekend's HOCO Fest as well as all the other musical happenings around town; movie critic Bob Grimm celebrates the marriage of horror and comedy in Ready or Not; and there's lots more in this extra-thick edition of TW, so settle back, make yourself comfortable and start reading.

See you at the Labor Day picnic!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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