Arthur Migliazza: Laying it Down

When Arthur Migliazza started showing up on Tucson stages as a preteen prodigy, it was generally assumed he was headed for greatness. It was thought that reaching it might coincide with his 2010 move to New York City. It's perhaps been his subsequent relocation to Seattle, however, that's benefited him most, at least as evidenced by his most recent release.

The words "boogie" and "blues" show up no fewer than four times each in various song titles and so, yeah, this is a boogie and blues affair. Boogie-woogie to be more precise, and on tunes like "The Boogie Rocks" and "Boogie Woogie Stomp," with and without a rhythm section, Migliazza has chops to spare as he kicks out these jams. But repeated listenings will show this album is more than a mere display of raw talent. He starts it off with an original called "Overture." And on Louie Prima's "Sing Sing Sing" and Jack Fina's "Bumble Boogie," two songs that segue into one another, he deftly merges old-school big band with a contemporary feel.

His feel for New Orleans music on "Bourbon Street Parade" is so authentic that you'll find yourself looking for a horn section in the credits, and yet it's a violin working in concert with the piano and ragtime banjo. His originals "Love You Mama" and "Thank You Blues" allow him to shine more as an ensemble player, with fills working in and around the guitars and harmonica.

Finally, his development as a singer should be noted, as demonstrated on the classics "I'm Ready" and "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu," which sound as vibrant here (no easy task!) as when they were written.

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