Resolutions: What we’d like to see in 2021

Given how the pandemic has upended our lives, we’ve all done a little soul-searching this year. And many of us are thinking about how to live better lives once this outbreak is behind us. We reached out to people in Pima County to see what changes they’d like to make as we race into 2021. May it be a better year for all of us!

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Always tip more than I am supposed to. Continue to check in on my peeps, even after the pandemic subsides. Pick up at least three pieces of trash every time I ride my bike up “A” Mountain. Continue to be a Wildcat Football fan no matter how bad it gets. Finally, I wanna put my boot up the a** of 2020 and plant a big wet kiss on 2021!

—Connie Brannock, singer and musician

Losing the quarantine pounds, for sure! Not taking any experiences or time with family for granted. Getting our small businesses back to where they were pre-COVID. And paying off my student loans once and for all!

—Heather Stricker, general manager of the Gaslight Theatre

In 2021, get yourself a Buddhist friend, someone who can casually mention the Buddhist principles of non attachment: “By accepting the true nature of things as being impermanent we ease our fears and we open our hearts.” Now get yourself a Buddhist friend who will chime in every big life decision you crash into and explain what the hell non attachment means. Or you can also do what I’m doing in the New Year: No resolutions, and more importantly, no expectations.

—Mari Herreras, University of Arizona Press publicity manager and former Tucson Weekly editor

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Resolutions sometimes imply one’s intention to change behavior. In this case, the most important issue I, and all of us need to keep in mind is the need to do our own part in slowing the spread of coronavirus. I’m resolved to continuing the mask wearing, social distancing, staying in appropriate small groups and respecting the fact that the virus is extremely contagious. Our behavior is what will get us back to some level of normal.

—Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Councilman

I would like to be kinder and more patient with my family and friends. And to not complain at all!

—Bradford Trojan, singer and musician

As we emerge from a year unlike any other, my New Year’s resolution is to continue to listen and learn more about myself and the community so that I may evolve and better serve others.

—Clint Mabie, president & CEO, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

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Here at the Oro Valley Chamber, we hope for a healthy, prosperous 2021, and look forward once more to engaging with our friends and clients, face-to-face, maybe even shaking a hand or giving a hug in the new year. This moment shall pass. Through it, may we be wiser, more humble and more grateful for all we’ve been given.

—Dave Perry, president / CEO, Oro Valley Chamber

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To remain humbled by the opportunity I’ve been given and to always listen with great introspect.

—Chris Nanos, sheriff-elect, Pima County Sheriff’s Department

I have been adhering to social distancing, getting tested regularly and staying at home making sure my daughter doesn’t sneak onto cartoons between Zoom lessons. So basically, I have been a boy scout the whole year, so I think I will become a crack head and go on a murder spree the likes of the west has never seen.

—Tom Walbank, singer and musician

In 2021 I resolve to: Close my Facebook account. Get the band back together. Resume attending Arizona Geological Society meetings. Spend more time in nature with my husband, Gerry, and my dog, Basil. Take a break, and then find a new outlet for activism.

—Alison Jones, Pima County Democratic Party Chair

Health is the new wealth. Continue to mask up, shape up and never give up, but always give back.

—Ray Flores, Flores Concepts

Looking ahead to 2021, I resolve to not let the bottle let me down.

—Hank Topless, singer and musician

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine, for sure! Also, fewer Zoom screen marathons!

—Mike Peel, statewide sustainability director for Local First Arizona, and Cassie Peel, director of the Master of Social Works program at Pacific Oaks College

My New Year’s resolutions are to start the Pima County School Superintendents Credit Recovery Program for 16-24 year olds and take my wife on some much needed romantic dates!

—Dustin Williams, Pima County School Superintendent

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To keep thinking of new ways to support our businesses and to make sure they know the Marana Chamber is here for them.

—Audra Winters, CEO, Marana Chamber of Commerce

My resolution for 2021 is to double down and spend more time talking to people with whom I disagree over blocking them on Facebook. I resolve to hold out hope that we can come together to find a common purpose to equitably solve the threats ahead. I’m resolute in my belief that equity, inclusion, and diversity make us stronger; that the American dream is alive and well but we need to work harder than ever to make sure no one is left behind. I resolve to be kinder and more compassionate, to listen more, and fight for justice. I hope in 2021 we join forces and work together to make Tucson and Arizona a better place than we found it.

—Demion Clinco, CEO, Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation; Board Chair, Pima Community College

2020 was a year of pain, hope and realization for me. I am looking forward to going into a new year for the first time motivated to make changes toward a healthy life. I intend to share my gratitude more often in 2021 and relish in the beauty that exists from just being.

—Dalice Shepard, Hotel Congress Marketing Director

Let’s just say lots of things on last year’s list didn’t see the light of day. This new year I will try to remain humble in the face of setbacks and disappointments, steadfast in pursuing the few goals I do have. Most importantly, try to support my kids in their struggles. It’s not easy to be a young adult at this age and I want to be here and remain present to lend whatever help I can.

—Rocco DiGrazia, owner, Rocco’s Little Chicago

Tucson Local Media Staff

Appreciate the small things and don’t take moments for granted.

—Casey Anderson, Associate Publisher

My New Years’ resolution for 2021 is first and foremost to be more realistic about resolutions; to continue to walk several miles a day; publish my second book and meditate without falling asleep. Also, instead of going on a diet which doesn’t last long, I have decided to cut out bread and carbohydrates for two months. I can’t do it the entire year… I’m part Italian.

—Lisa Hopper, Account Executive

Eat dessert first!

—Sheryl Kocher, front desk

My first resolution is to continue to work on my own mental health and personal growth by taking breaks from social media and doing something self development-wise everyday, such as reading a self development book or listening to a podcast.

My next goal for next year is to be better with my finances. I am terrible with money and budgeting and often need my husband to reel in my unnecessary purchases and tell my shopaholic heart “no” to buying random things on Amazon. For 2021, I would like to change that and be better in control of my financial situations and organize a strict budget to adhere by. I’ve tried this before but let’s hope 2021 will be the year I can control myself and not overspend but rather develop a stronger savings plan.

Lastly, my resolution is to make more of an effort to spend time (whether virtually or in person) with my loved ones and try to take extra care to spread kindness and show them how much I love and appreciate them. I lost two very dear members of my extended family this year (only one of them due to COVID), both very sudden. I realized how important the time we spend together is and how each day with a loved one is truly a blessing because tomorrow is never guaranteed. So, for 2021, I want to make it a year for myself to only choose kindness and joy and celebrate everyday as a new blessing.

—Emily Filener, graphic designer

Once it’s safe to do so, I sure want to spend more time with family and friends. Until then, I’m gonna wear my mask, wash my hands and lay low until Pima County’s numbers start to drop.

—Jim Nintzel, executive editor

I normally don’t do resolutions, because starting a life-changing habit rarely fits in with the traditional Gregorian calendar that has been the norm since it was introduced in October 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. (I Googled that.) That said, I do have goals for 2021, my 60th trip around the sun. I plan to write about cannabis for the Tucson Weekly as long as the editor allows. I also plan on running my first marathon. I’m going to try not to yell at the teevee so much in 2021, now that the Biggest Loser will be leaving the White House, god willing, in January. To bookend that, I expect to stick with my chosen political party despite all the disappointment I’ve endured over the course of the past 40 or so years.

—David Abbott, Production Manager/Tucson Weekly Cannabis 50 columnist