Aren't We Special?

Some stuff worth noting about this week's paper ...

· This week's issue features our New Year's Guide. It contains a pretty comprehensive guide to what's happening in Tucson on New Year's Eve, from dining to music to special events, and more. Tish Haymer, Anna Mirocha, Stephen Seigel, Karyn Zoldan and--especially--Irene Messina put a lot of time and effort into getting the 411 on what's going on. Check it out, and make your plans!

· This week's cover package is our fourth annual Local Heroes issue. As I've complained about before ... many folks like to bitch that the media--the Tucson Weekly included--only cover negative news. This, of course, is a load of crap, seeing as well more than half of each and every issue is cultural coverage--of arts and food and music and cinema, etc.--which by its very nature is positive. Well, folks, do me a favor: The next time you hear someone make this claim, please take a copy of this week's special issue, and shove it down his or her throat. Thank you.

· Finally ... while this issue is on the stands, Christmas will come and go, and New Year's is just over the horizon. Please, everyone: Have a safe and happy holiday season, OK? And thanks for reading the Weekly. We sincerely appreciate it. We literally would be nothing without you.

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