Apologies, Returns, Goodbyes

Some housekeeping matters this week ...

• Our online ballots for both Best of Tucson™ and Tucson Area Music Awards (aka TAMMIES) voting were down for about two days (much of Sunday, May 3, and Monday, May 4). The techies tell me that the hard drive on their server died a sudden and painful death. However, thanks to the fact that the server had good backups on it, no data appears to have been lost. We apologize for the inconvenience. Get thee to TucsonWeekly.com and TAMMIES.com to vote!

• After a four-week hiatus, the comic "Troubletown" has returned to the Tucson Weekly. We had to cut some costs around here, and it was one of the, um, costs that was cut. However, "Troubletown" has some fans at The Rialto Theatre. Long story short, the Rialto has agreed to sponsor "Troubletown" and "Life in Hell" (which we also planned to cut, although it never left the paper after we were able to negotiate a temporary cheaper rate for the strip) for the rest of the year. Thanks to the good folks at the Rialto; we're happy to have "Troubletown" back. You can find it and the rest of the comics on Pages 57 and 58.

• Finally, I'd like to thank our five interns for all the hard work they put in this semester. They're all wrapping up their duties here this week or next week. Hank, Leila, Lissette, Austin and Sam have all been great to have around, and they'll be missed.

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