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Annabell's Attic

If you find yourself in need of a fainting couch, a gigantic armoire or a tiny, needlepoint ottoman, Annabell's Attic has aisles and aisles of lovely old loot to browse through. More like a series of living rooms than an attic, there's plenty here to satisfy your longing for antique armchairs and lamps and China cabinets--all brightly lit and well-displayed. Be sure to rummage through the table linens and quilts in the back of the store, and don't forget to check out the case by the register for little mesh purses from the '20s and old silver spoons. You may not have been born with one in your mouth, but you can buy one now.

Runners up:

2. Designers Craft, 605 E. Sixth St.

3. Tom's Used Furniture and Collectibles, 3402 E. Grant Road, 5454 E. Pima St.

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