Andrew Collberg: Minds Hits

Andrew Collberg's songwriting voice has found plenty of comparisons to John Lennon, but on his latest effort, Collberg grows a bit more idiosyncratic, backing away from perfection in favor of songs that sound a little more lived in.

With an album that's warm, live and carefree, Collberg nods more to Lennon's famous drinking buddy, Harry Nilsson. But what's really happening on Minds Hits is a songwriter evolving deeper into his own sound and style, a more forceful and reaching approach that gives songs unexpected twists to go along with the catchy melodies.

Recorded to tape live in the studio, Minds Hits is full of unpolished charm, the sort of album that makes a strength of the fact that you can hear the musicians communicating with each other. Nick Luca produced the record, with Collberg on drums, piano, Wurlitzer and guitar; Connor Gallaher on lead guitar and various noises, blips and feedback; Sean Rogers on bass; and Julia Deconcini on backing vocals.

From the start, with the buoyant "Rich" and "Hole," through to the delightful "Cantaloupe" and the expansive closer "Hit the Gas," Collberg sounds more energized, his band's blissful grooves dig deeper and his songs connect more strongly with the listener.

Collberg debuted his first album at 18, recorded On the Wreath at 22 and released Minds Hits before his 26th birthday—which is all to say that he's an incredible natural talent. With this record, he's latched onto a timeless sound, one that sits well alongside the likes of Nilsson but in the end is purely Collberg.

Eric Swedlund

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