An Annotated Guide to the Meet Rack, As Told (Mostly) By "God"

If they've got what you're into, you might have a religious experience.

Wallpapered with photos, letters, posters and the occasional Alcoholics Anonymous chip, the Meet Rack is one of Tucson's most beloved dive bars. Each item displayed is a trophy of sorts, from the bras on the ceiling, to the photo of Arnold Schwarzenneger "taking [a woman's] temperature," to the stories detailing the mayoral candidacies of Jim "God" Anderson, the Meet Rack's "consultant" (Anderson's daughter holds the liquor license, as he's "not allowed to anymore," he says). Most infamous, of course, is the "Duty Hut," the latest iteration of a series of sex-themed rooms that have been included in each bar—six, by his count—Anderson has owned in his lifetime.

These are the stories of only a small sample of the pictures, toys, guitars and animal pelts that you can find in God's place. For more, you'll have to talk to him on your own.