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A bit of news and a note this toasty July week ...

• The final round of 2010 Tucson Area Music Awards (aka TAMMIES) voting is underway! You can see the list of finalists on Page 41 of the dead-tree edition, and online at—which just so happens to be the website where you can vote.

Hey, local-music-lovers: I recommend voting sooner rather than later. Voting ends Wednesday, July 28, and July 28 will be here before you know it.

While I encourage you to vote early, please do NOT vote often. Vote once, and only once.

We examine each and every ballot—and we'll throw out the ones that aren't properly filled out. This year, to cut down on ballot-box-stuffing, we're requiring both a valid e-mail address AND a valid phone number on each ballot. And we're collecting and tracking IP addresses.

This year's slate of TAMMIES winners will be announced at our annual party on Wednesday, Sept. 8, at the Rialto Theatre.

Congratulations to all of the finalists!

• Finally ... several of you wrote in last week to justifiably chide me for mixing up the words "anecdote" and "antidote" in this space, at the very same time that I was remarking that "stupidity pisses me off."

Let me assure you all that when I realized my act of stupidity, I was indeed pissed off at myself.

My apologies for the mistake. I pinky-swear that I do know the difference between anecdote and antidote, and, quite simply, I had an end-of-deadline-day blond moment. Please forgive.

As always, thanks for reading.

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