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Two notes regarding content this week ...

· I am sad to say that this is the last week for Wes Hargis' "Yonder," a strip that's been in Weekly residence for the last two years. This was Wes' decision; I tried to talk him out of it, but he's got too much going on in his life right now (including a syndicated strip deal that could end up pretty damn special), and I respect that. Wes will still be a large part of the Weekly family, doing illustrations and whatnot. He's even agreed to do the art for the 2006 Best of TucsonTM. Taking the place of Topher and Co. on the Comix page: "Troubletown," the syndicated work of Lloyd Dangle that used to be in the Weekly before it was redesigned out last year.

· Later this month, we'll be debuting a new column by Carl Hanni in our Cinema section. The column, which is planned for the first week of each month, will talk about the news, events and other goings-on in local, independent filmmaking. Carl's trying to immerse himself in that loop as much as possible, so if you have any news, tips, announcements or questions, give him an Internet holler at And look for his debut column--barring any change of plans--in three weeks, on April 7.

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