A Week of Lessons

Some things I've learned this week ...

• Do not leave anything visible in the body of your car, for any length of time, anywhere in Tucson. A half-hour trip to my Sam Hughes-area dentist last week turned into an odyssey of insurance claims and inconvenience after some jackass broke a window and took my laptop bag (which also contained a bunch of other stuff--thankfully, most of it replaceable), even though it was broad daylight, and there were other people around. Trust me on this: If you have to leave your car unattended for any length of time, take your valuables inside, or put them in your trunk.

• No matter how busy you are, if someone suggests a trip to Mount Lemmon for a hike, go. Especially if you've been dealing with insurance claims and inconvenience all week.

• Some people really care way too much about winning the Tucson Area Music Award for Best Cover Band. Way too much.

• Server issues on production days can be overcome with a great staff, some hard work and--after work--a nice, dirty martini.

• And finally, a city--even one with an obnoxious amount of car break-ins--must have something going for it if you can see Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin in a mind-blowing performance of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and then hike Mount Lemmon, in the same week--heck, even the same day.

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