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click to enlarge The GOP Communists in the Arizona Senate censured Sen. Wendy Rogers, so now she has to personally destroy them.
The GOP Communists in the Arizona Senate censured Sen. Wendy Rogers, so now she has to personally destroy them.
Over the weekend, State Sen. Wendy Rogers went on quite a tear at America First Political Action Conference, a gathering of white nationalists. Rogers told the crowd that she thought more of her political opponents should be hanged from a gallows, among other batshit crazy comments that Arizona Mirror editor Jim Small recounts in a story you’ll find on Page 5. I admit that I'm surprised that after we went to press, her colleagues in the Senate voted to censure Rogers on a 24-3 vote, but only for threatening her colleagues—she vowed on Twitter to “personally destroy the career of any Republican who partakes in the gaslighting of me simply because of the color of my skin or opinion about war I don’t want to send our kids to die in”—but—as Small has pointed at AzMirror.com—not for her loathsome anti-Semitic comments or embrace of white nationalism. The problem isn’t the color of Rogers' skin—it’s the wretched content of her character.

It’s honestly so damn gross.

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