A Legislature With Sense

Forgive me, folks: For the next week, I am going to claim to be a Nevadan.

This claim has some merit, seeing as I was born there and lived there before moving here 6 1/2 years ago. But the real reason for this claim is that I'm rather proud of the Silver State's Legislature, which last weekend legalized domestic partnerships. After moronic Gov. Jim Gibbons vetoed the bill—which will award registered domestic partners, both gay and straight, most of the same rights as married couples—both houses of the Legislature voted to override the veto. The law, which enjoyed a fair amount of bipartisan support (and opposition), will take effect on Oct. 1.

Interesting fact: A key factor in the override was the fact that many of Nevada's business interests—including the all-powerful casino industry—got behind the bill. It simply made good business sense.

The Nevada Legislature also managed to compromise on a budget plan. Contrast that to the goings-on up in Phoenix. At the Capitol, bills that would recognize domestic partnerships in Arizona have been introduced in both the House and the Senate, yet they have no chance of going anywhere. Meanwhile, budget negotiations seem hopelessly deadlocked, with the Republicans, the Democrats and the governor only able to agree on one thing: They don't like the other two groups' budget proposals.

However, our elected officials have taken big steps to make it legal for gun owners to keep their firearms in parked cars. Enough said.

Therefore, for the next week, ignore what it says on my driver's license: I am a proud Nevadan.