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Welcome to another issue of the Tucson Weekly.

As is often the case, there is a ton of stuff going on in and around the Old Pueblo this week. Flip through this week's issue for a sampling: There's John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig himself, at the Loft; fans of Mexican dance have a lot to go see; and it's a busy week in theater, too. Heck, there's even an extreme music and sports festival at the fairgrounds, along with all sorts of events, regular and special, going on across Southern Arizona.

And of course, it's that time of year again, when Christmas music starts to sneak into TV advertisements and whatnot, and this means that, for many of us, it is time to get out the ol' checkbook and start shopping. Many of us will head to the malls, but they aren't the only shopping option; our annual Gift Wrap special section, in this very issue, spotlights local, independent places to spend your hard-earned dough on holiday gifts.

It really is amazing how much our ever-growing town has going on. There's so much happening that there is no way we can cover it all (and to those event organizers who didn't get coverage, please accept our apologies).

All I know is that if you're bored this time of year, well, you really have nobody to blame but yourself.

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