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Re: “I Am Goddamn Sick And Tired of Hearing "We Can't Afford It"

To what end?


per student_____________________$7,501____________________$20,800

Charter School

8th grade math scores

Black___ _________________________272 ________________________258
Hispanic _________________________269________________________263
White ____________________________296 ________________________295
Asian ____________________________316 ________________________311

8th grade math Scores by
Mothers education

High school dropout _______________265 )______________________259
High school graduate ______________269 _______________________262
Some college ______________________285 _______________________274
College graduate __________________296 _______________________282

Jobs Created
Since 2000___________________670,000____________________-14,000

That difference in spending of $13,000 per student over Connecticuts 500,000 students amounts to $6.5 billion per year. Thats $120 billion over since 2000.

What has it done for Connecticut? Only damaged their economy.

Imagine that. In the most powerfully performing economy in the world, Connecticut has lost 14,000 jobs in the last 19 years.

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 05/06/2019 at 9:43 AM

Re: “Results-Based Funding: Watch This Budget Item

There is a 160 year history of performance based funding in education and its not a healthy one. Hundreds of documented trials. Many were funded with tens of millions of dollars under "Race to the Top".

Vanderbilt was chosen as the center to evaluate all of these experiments for Race to the Top.

None were successful.

What is the science behind education performance pay? Why has it never been successful?

1) The value that schools create for parents and students flow in hundreds of dimensions which in turn flow back into academic success. By only measuring math and reading gains, you can be sure of failure.

2) The human brain is wired around win/win relationships. Many performance pay designs unwittingly pit teachers against each other.

3) Education culture has been built for thousands of years. Erasing it and creating a new culture can take years. This performance pay will be quickly wiped out when the next budget downturn takes place.

Arizona has had more success because it has expanded performance pay metrics to include excellence as perceived by parents, students and teachers. Most Arizona school districts (according to the Auditor General) include at least one of these measures in their performance pay structure.

Nationwide, only 24% of parents rate their child's school an excellent school. We have districts where this number is in the 60s and 70s.

The language in statute is "may include but is not limited to academic achievement by students, academic gains by students, excellence as rated by parents, quality of education as rated by students and job satisfaction as rated by teachers".

Imagine that, the 47th funded school district state, Arizona, has the best relationship with parents in the nation and higher test scores by Demographic (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian) than all but 9 other states.

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 04/22/2019 at 7:16 AM

Re: “The Miserable Charter School Bill Is Put Out Of Its Misery

Frances Perkins Response

You say outright lies. But, in making that statement, who is telling truth? Your empty accusation of a lie or my putting forth facts?

I threw out facts. If you are going to accuse me of lying, at least prove one of them incorrect.

Test scores by demographic comparison between Connecticut and Arizona.


Jobs Created
Since 2000________________400,000________-14,000 Bureau of Labor Statistics

per student________________$7,501_________$20,800 National Education Association, Rankings, 2017

Charter School
Students__________________185,000_________10,000 Numerous Sources

8th grade math scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress

Black___ ____________________272 ____________258
Hispanic ____________________269_____________263
White _______________________296 ____________295
Asian _______________________316 ____________311

8th grade math Scores by
Mothers education

High school dropout ________265 ___________259
High school graduate _______269 ____________262
Some college _______________285 ____________274
College graduate ___________296 ____________282

I know its painful for you to look at data in which a state which spends so much more per student does so pale by comparison.

Are you saying that Benjamin Franklin schools don't use Saxon math?
Are you saying that the "What Works Clearinghouse" of the U.S. Department of Education didn't conduct a $20 million study on text books that indicated that Saxon Math and Math Expressions have a positive effect on student achievement in contrast to the other studied text books?

Benjamin Franklin Schools deployed basic fundamentals in education over two decades to build a clientele which appreciated higher academic gains and better relationships with parents. Last time I looked at data for their schools, the perception of excellence by parents of their students was more than double and a half national averages.

What are you saying Frances? Or, are you just throwing mud hoping that some people will believe you?

As for me, as Superintendent, I set up and ethic of treating school districts as customers and holding my organization accountable based on net excellence. Do you even know what that is? You calculate the percentage of teachers, special ed directors, principals, superintendents etc who rate your services excellent and subtract the percentage who say you are doing a poor job.

We were improving a the rate of 7 percentile points a year the fastest pace I've ever observed in any organization. By comparison, the rating of schools by parents across the nation has gone down 12 points in the last 8 years.

When I left, the subsequent Superintendent dismantled that system. The agency went back to government as usual.

You think that was a good thing? Pretty sad.

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 03/29/2019 at 8:25 AM

Re: “"The Dirt" Isn't Worth Your Time on Netflix


But, the movie gives us appreciation of the horrible skills of some parents reflecting into culture.

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 03/29/2019 at 6:38 AM

Re: “The Miserable Charter School Bill Is Put Out Of Its Misery

Well, David, at least you don't disguise it. Your intention is to come up with legislation that harms the charter school movement.

You toss around the these numbers 10 to 20 million and other numbers as though they were meaningful. They are not. Connecticut spends upwards of $14,000 more per student than Arizona, the equivalent of $14 billion per year in corruption. And, they have lower test score for every demographic that, when computed across years implies a lower productivity of perhaps 20%. That lower productivity is perhaps in the range of $2 billion per year for a total corruption of $16 billion.

That $10 to $20 million in equity by one charter owner was created over 20 years. He built a system that relative to other public schools, was worth an extra $10 to $20 million. What did he do inside his schools? Simple things really, every day. He used Saxon math text books for all 20 years. The U.S.Department of Education funded a multi-million dollar study to determine whether textbooks alone can impact academic gains. They found that Saxon Math and another text book, Math Expressions alone worth an extra 5% in academic gains.

That's the lesson to be learned from his sale of the charter school chain, not that we need to engage in some spiteful expression of jealous rage to take away the profit motive from educating our children.

20 years times Connecticut's corruption is $340 billion. And, it's not equity, its pure burden on taxpayers.

When you add the burden on taxpayers, Connecticut has lost 14,000 jobs since 2000 while we have gained over 400,000.

What's the corruption cost there? Incalculable.

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 03/27/2019 at 5:52 AM

Re: “Arizona Spends $7,613 More Per Student In White Districts Than In Nonwhite Districts? Really? (Answer: No, Not Really)

Forgot the job numbers

Jobs created in each state since the year 2000

West Virginia______14,000
Connecticut _____ -14,000

Contrary to what you hear from the economics departments of Universities, tax burdens have a huge effect on job creation. If you go back 40 years and extract all the states who were in the bottom ten of taxation and stayed in the bottom ten of taxation for all forty years and compare them to the states who were in the top ten of taxation and stayed in the top ten all 40 years, the bottom states started out with less than half the jobs and now have more. Over 100% extra job growth.

Bottom line: increased education funding is extraordinarily detrimental to the future of our children.
It both decreases their educational achievement and is devastating to their future job opportunities.

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 03/23/2019 at 6:05 AM

Re: “Arizona Spends $7,613 More Per Student In White Districts Than In Nonwhite Districts? Really? (Answer: No, Not Really)

Compare Arizona spending and 8th grade math scores with states in the news: Maryland, West Virginia Connecticut and Kentucky.

_____________________Arizona____Kentucky___Connecticut_____West Virginia_____Maryland

Spending per student__________$7,501____$10,508______$20,800________$14,271_______ $14,774

Charter School Students______185,000_______0 __________10,000 __________0_____________ 24,000

Test Scores Demographic
Black __________________________272 ________252___________ 258 _____________254 _________262
Hispanic _______________________269________269 ___________263 ______________NA _________267
White _________________________296 ________282 ___________295 _____________274__________295
Asian _________________________316 ________303 ___________311______________ NA _________316

Scores by Mothers education
High school dropout ___________265 _________262 _________262 _____________259 _________259
High school graduate __________269 _________265 _________263 _____________262 __________262
Some college __________________285 _________283 _________280 _____________274 __________275
College graduate ______________296 _________288 _________295 _____________282 __________295

The source of the spending numbers is the National Education Association Rankings and Estimates
and the job numbers come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The test scores are from the National Assessment of Educational Progress

These states spend billions more than us, Connecticut is triple our spending. Yet, we best them in every category.

Only a few states are competitive with us. Soon there will be none.

The only thing this huge extra tax burden did was to damage their economies and job creation for the high school graduates

Its not enough to have massive school choice, you also have to have very limited spending to weed out disorganized leaders and school systems

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Posted by jhuppent@hotmail.com on 03/22/2019 at 12:48 PM

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