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    Jason LeValley on 02/24/2017 at 6:20 PM
    Re: “Noise Annoys
    Just when I thought the TWeakly couldn't get any worse, along comes once-fired Josh Levine to offer up some amateur, bloggy bile. Writers should check their facts, look into the history, and talk to people involved in the event before making assumptions especially weak, inaccurate ones.

    Contrary to the assumption Levine makes, The Women Who Rock Tucson II show is not a benefit for Downtown Radio. The artists will be paid.

    Additionally, the first Women Who Rock Tucson was put together and named by a female musician. There was no 2nd edition in 2016 because I would have had to do it and I was way too busy running the station at the time.

    The article on the website that you refer to was also written by a woman.

    How Levine could twist a celebration of women in the local music scene into the toxic scenario that he describes reflects entirely on him.

    The women involved in this event are fantastic, talented musicians. I genuinely love their music and am glad that we have a scene here in Tucson that encourages women to be a part of it.

    Levine and the Tucson Weekly owe Downtown Radio a big apology for printing this garbage.

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