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    David Wayne Fitzsimmons on 05/18/2015 at 3:05 PM
    Re: “The Skinny
    My dear, short-sighted, xenophobic, materialistic friends, mega-droughts and the growth you fantasize about are incompatible. Deal with it, instead of whining, mewling, grousing and name-calling. The only reason there is anything here at all is because it was a whistle stop on trade routes. It still is. The only other assets are its clear skies (aerospace) and beauty (tourism, service industry gigs). And the government subsidized DMAFB, the UA and Raytheon. And your Governor has stuck it to the Univerisites, the one economic engine in the group with DIVERSE growth potential. And I suspect the commenters on this board would be happy to sacrifice those assets for their dream jobs. Move back to where the jobs are. Please.

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