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    Odette Felix on 02/03/2014 at 4:09 PM
    Apparently, Junxion has problems with lots of people. I used to help feed the needy with a group at the little placita (on Scott), across the street from Junxion. The group would feed the less fortunate for years at this location, without any problems with law enforcement or surrounding businesses. Trash would be picked up, the crowd would eat their dinner and then go on their merry way. No more than 2 hours tops. Even the police would drive/walk by with no words of warning, etc. Once Junxion opened, the manager would call the police on the group. The tradition stopped abrubtly. I understand if the dinner was during Junxion hours & disruptive, but it was well before club goers would arrive. If this is the type of establishment Junxion is, the type that discriminates against ANYONE, then I'll take my business and kind words elsewhere.

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