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    Christian Pedersen on 05/04/2013 at 8:26 PM
    Well Scum Devil 666, maybe it has something to do with the fact the article is not linking to this site. Most sites will just reproduce the article, as was done in this case. It's actually quite typical for sites on the Internet to do this. I am sure it was nothing personal towards you.

    You have heard of the Internet and how it works right?
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    Christian Pedersen on 05/04/2013 at 8:12 PM
    First of all, how is the article "grotesquely one-sided" when... "Neither Hill nor Jones responded to repeated calls for comment"???

    Second, "grievances to rail against Superintendent Robert Hill" are still comments and should be heard.

    Third, if the meeting's agenda was "ostensibly limited" then Dr. Jones should have planned accordingly.

    Fourth, you don't sound like a spectator because that was ONE diatribe that you just posted.

    Fifth, isn't Rob Voreck also a concerned parent of a ASDB student??? Phoenix news just had him on t.v. Parents should have a say in their child education, no? While I don't condone his actions of speaking out of line at the meeting, I do commend him for his support for his child.

    Sixth, what is your beef with this Nancy? Jim Jones???? That is pretty good. I seriously chuckled a bit - only because you dated yourself.

    Seventh, Gallaudet cronies??? You do realize there is only one, ONE, university for Deaf students to go to, right? (RIT is an Institute)

    Eighth, did you just call a bunch of "children with disabilities"... "miscreants" in the SAME paragraph?

    Ninth, I like the point you were making about being mindful of people that are "narcissistic, maintain power position with rewards, favors or adherence to a shared, zealous quasi-religious dogma". Because that sounds just like Hill & Jones.

    Tenth, how do you feel about. . . "quid pro quo"??? (Voreck is not a board member or Superintendent)

    And last but not least, do you like apples????
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    Christian Pedersen on 05/01/2013 at 11:34 PM
    Dr. Amann doesn't even know the 9 reasons.

    Don't be a fool.

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