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Pisa Cake is a Tucson-based burlesque artiste and producer. A decade ago, Pisa was lucky enough to attend a burlesque show at an 18+ club and was hooked. Not being able to ignore her sparkle lust, she pursued burlesque classes, trained, attended many Burlycons, and has been putting her very own (lipstick) mark on the modern burlesque movement for about four years. When not shedding her sparkly bits, Pisa Cake volunteers with a Tucson-based animal rescue group.

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    Pisa Cake on 06/25/2015 at 11:44 AM
    Re: “The Year of Romo
    "One year, 10 shows, 12 bands, nine comedians, two magicians, five bartenders, four bar owners, one tattoo artist, one restaurant owner, one stripper, one brewer, one party planner, one comic maker, one conference founder, one rock climber, one weed grower, two hip-hop artists, one fashion blogger, one podcaster, one cosplayer, two videographers, one photographer, one boutique owner, four artists and one best friend later, it doesn't seem like Romo Tonight Live is showing any signs of slowing down, despite taking its June anniversary month off."

    What's missing? One burlesque performer. Ahem.
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    Pisa Cake on 11/14/2014 at 9:03 AM
    I second everything Rambo said above, and also add that there's a pool of independent performers including myself, Nikki Riot, Kitten Minx LaFemme, Gypsy Danger, and many others. I also produce shows.

    Congratulations to the producers of the Arizona Burlesque Festival - opening night was amazing and overall you have really outdone yourself. And I bet it's only going to go get better. ;)

    Pisa Cake
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    Pisa Cake on 12/24/2013 at 6:40 PM
    Hi! Pricing above is incorrect -

    It's $20/ticket for GA presale, $25/ticket at the door on NYE.

    VIP is $125 for a table for 2, and $175 for a table for four. If you buy these presale (highly recommended), the $125 price point requires a deposit of $50, and the $175 a deposit of $70. The remainder of the VIP price is due at the event.

    Tickets here:

    Thanks! I hope to see a huge crowd as burlesque debuts for the first time at Playground! It's going to be FABULOUS!


    Pisa Cake
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    Pisa Cake on 03/28/2013 at 9:52 PM
    Re: “Minty Fresh
    I couldn't agree more, Jake. This writing is atrocious, particularly the elementary adjectives. I cringed at "She's the biggest out of all of the dancers [...]" Are you kidding me? You couldn't think of something better than "biggest"? You made Crystal Kiss sound like blob of some sort, when in reality, she's an incredibly shapely and appealing woman to admire. Then there's the "shitty" mint green paint they got rid of. Further, you highlight Ida's "natural boobies"...yet ALL the Don't Blink performers have 100% God-given parts. I'm just going to say it - WAS THIS SERIOUSLY WRITTEN BY A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT?

    It's also clear this writer has no idea what burlesque even is. Burlesque by definition is parody, so it is not an anomaly for burlesque to have a fusion of comedy with sexiness. It's what makes burlesque...burlesque...and separates it from what you would see at TD's or Tens - NOT from what you see with other burlesquers in town. They do it, too. And some incredibly well - take Stormy Leigh of Black Cherry Burlesque, for example.

    PS - No one goes to a burlesque show to get a "big boner", for heaven's sake.
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    Pisa Cake on 03/07/2013 at 10:47 AM
    Please visit the FB event for all the details and updates:…