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    AZ/DC on 11/24/2020 at 11:36 PM
    That's why I started the post off with "Pardon me if I am misunderstanding you...".

    When you use the words "our freedom fighter", that makes it sound as if Rittenhouse is doing something for you. I would never label him as "our freedom fighter". Directing the words towards others as "their freedom fighter" would've worked better. I would label him as the coward that needs to carry around a big gun to compensate for problems mentally...and probably physically.

    I can't read your mind bucky, I can only read your words.
  • Posted by:
    AZ/DC on 11/24/2020 at 10:24 PM
    No, no, foolish sock puppet. As usual, you got it all wrong.

    It's: "Protesters for Equality Good, Minor Vigilante Jackboot Soldier Wannabes Bad!"

    Sure, a few ne'er-do-wells get in the peaceful protester crowd...but not as many as the The Daily Stormer, Stormfront or whatever other neo-nazi publications you're drooling over these days would lead an idiot such as yourself to believe.

    Plus, you shouldn't be concerned with that ancient news anyway. Aren't you supposed to be paying attention to all that evidence that sidney and rudy are presenting to make sure that your favourite orange dictator remains your fearless leader for life?

    It's okay boo-boo. Everything will be taken care of on January 20th at noon. After that, you, him and 70 million other morons can bitch, moan and crap your drawers over the fact that the deep state defeated the tangerine tyrant. Sweet dreams sweetie.
  • Posted by:
    AZ/DC on 11/24/2020 at 8:16 PM
    Pardon me if I am misunderstanding you bucky arizona, but are you actually saying that you think Kyle Rittenhouse is a "freedom fighter"? If so, that's easily in the top 5 of the most clueless dreck you have spewed into these comment sections.

    Tell me, how does a 17-year-old (minor even!) wannabe jackboot soldier (POSING as a concerned citizen) illegally toting an AR-15 rifle through a potentially volatile crowd make anyone a "freedom fighter"? The fact that he made it a point to travel so far from home and dispense vigilante justice is frightening. Normal, rational and intelligent teenagers would've been anywhere but there. This child should've been elsewhere quelling his macho hormonal rage by playing Call of Duty or something.
  • Posted by:
    AZ/DC on 08/15/2020 at 7:38 AM
    The only game wess has here is correcting grammar. What a tool! He wants so badly to jump in this game but the logic confuses him. Because of that, he decides to become the grammar nazi in this thread. Such a fool! Disappear for several years again. Pickleball and Canasta are awaiting your return.
  • Posted by:
    AZ/DC on 06/19/2020 at 3:00 PM
    Good news! Also, thanks to TW for throwing out the idiotic commentary that was once available in this thread. Credit where credit is due. DC
  • Posted by:
    AZ/DC on 06/07/2020 at 9:31 PM
    Re: “The Skinny
    I don't even attempt to argue with the partial truths or blatant lies that some conservative conspiracy theory loving sock-puppet chooses to believe ladddderflapppy. This is probably why you see my "arguments" as weak. Why bother to even try presenting facts to someone who can't accept them?

    These antagonistic trolls keep posting this misinformation, under hundreds of cringe worthy usernames, with the voracity of a 3 peckered billy goat. Because of that, they deserve every ounce of disrespect they receive. I'm not sure why they, or you, even bother with this website. What's the point? Do you do it to raise your blood pressure?

    Rosenstein was nothing but another toady in the never ending supply of them that the bunker bitch finds while dragging the conservative infested swampy waters. His reputation has, for good reason, become beyond damaged. Anything he did or said during his time as AG didn't reflect truthful or righteous intent. The only thing making Rod look good is William Barr. The fact that you guys take anything RR was involved in as being unbiased or non-partisan just highlights the fact that you're blind and/or ignorant.

    Additionally, I don't see myself as the arbiter or "monitor" of truth. The truth is just so obvious when you actually take the time to dig into the things that are said and opposed to believing the partial truths or blatant lies faux snooze or OAN summarize for you so that you can digest it easily. This way, as the leftists overthrow the 'Merican gubermint by keeping voters ignorant and killing babies, you can feel safe knowing that there's somebody out there somewhere that shares the same misguided conservative views that you hold dear.

    Have a nice evening precious.
  • Posted by:
    AZ/DC on 06/06/2020 at 10:57 PM
    Cliffy, Cliffy, Cliffy. My Lord. As usual, you just don't understand. Kneeling protests have Nothing to do with disrespecting the flag. Brees made a mistake by associating kneeling with disrespecting, and then he came to his senses and apologized. This was big of him to do, not something that lacked balls. If there's anybody that lacks balls, it's RWNJs such as yourself and the bunker bitch. Also, why do you feel the need to mask the word "Fuck" as "F*?@"? You're the same neanderthal that called Tucson Mayor Regina Romero vagina Romero, so why would you be so afraid of the word "Fuck"? I'll bet that you're extraordinary popular with the ladies. /S

    A message to see brees: I'm not sure what type of conservative laced gak you're mainlining, but you need to stop. It's causing you to believe outright lies and it's causing you to post some really stupid commentary. The stupid shit you posted here is just as bad or worse than the crap you posted while sock-puppeting under the username liars always lie in the most recent The Skinny comment thread. Get professional help and do it quickly. You're very close to reaching the point of no return.

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