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Re: “Under Arrest

the saying "lest we forget" has been forgotten. "first they came for the jews and we stood by and did nothing". no offense to those who experienced the horrors of the "war to end all wars". i will compare the atrocities that led to the drug war,the largest bloodiest war from central america to the u.s.a. in current times.thats my opinion. i am german,and i have been asked often in life "how could the good people of germany let that happen?"these days i say look in the mirror. the reasons for justifying attacking and destroying a population are infinate.the flavor of today in america is "get the druggies". so good people sit and wait for your turn for the greater good to,as pink flloyd sums it up"to smash in your windows and kick in your doors,to weed out the weeklings and strengthen the strain."i am very sad for the green halo and its workers.i still think america and the people are better than this.it is looking pretty dark.i have to go.jackboots are kicking in my door,i must answer it.

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Posted by legend on 07/19/2012 at 6:32 AM

Re: “Calming Influence

corruption is the rust of society.it is alive and well in the mmj industry.keep up the demand for accountability.the truth is like a cool drink from a cold spring on a hot day.the only power the people have are facts.like the one's by "Speaking Truth to Power"and the great column by j.m.smith.using the sick as a target of the "drug war".how sick is that?what is next,a war on the sick people?facts, truth accountability.demand them,dont ask,before a war is declared on them.exposing the corruption trying to hi-jack our mmj laws will show we are people not commodities.it is a great start.

Posted by legend on 06/29/2012 at 6:59 AM

Re: “Calming Influence

i to am offended by your use of "hot date".the insinuation this gives reeks of irresponsible dating.i do not read your column for the compassion you show the sick desperatly trying to find an alternative to perscription drugs and their side effects.i am looking for improper grammer.all kidding aside,J.M.Smith has helped me navagate my way through the the confusion of mmj law.i am a card carrier because of wasting syndrome,and with marijuana i can eat and gain a few pounds.helping with the horid pain is a plus.oh,i also suffer from agoraphobia.marijuana has lowered my need for as much medicine,calmed my world.no cure,just management.by the way doc,i never miss my appointments to my anxiety clinic.i do not want to be a "under the radar"nervous mess.to say mmj will cure depression,anxiety,p.t.s.d is misleading.no cure,only treatment for the serious sufferers.i am sure the doctor knows the phrase "another tool in your tool box".give those that suffer another tool.we really need all the help we can get.thank you J.M.Smith.i represent whose lives have been a little better and less hopeless with the help from you and your column.mabye we will see the day when society leans to help the sick,and quit trying to control people.mmj makes that day a little closer.

Posted by legend on 06/28/2012 at 7:02 AM

Re: “The Voters' Will

in theory it sounds like a good idea,a closer look reveils the true intent of the new dispensary program which is to force mm card holders to purchase high dollar meds ,and bow to a new bunch of corrupt corporate masters.this dispensary program totally mocks the true meaning of the law ,to be able to grow affordable medical marijuana.how many disabled people do they really plan on helping with their "new and improved" dispensaries?only the wealthy ones.while dispensaries take the place of steet dealers,self providers are again marijuana criminals.and doing that is truly criminal.but how else will we keep our new private prisons at 90% capacity?next will we only be able to get produce at food dispensaries?"i guess i've said too much,no i have'nt said enough"as r.e m puts it.i already hear the doors smashing down,as the sick medical marijuana growers are hauled to prison.they know we wont give any resistance.we're too sick.

Posted by legend on 04/25/2012 at 7:45 AM

Re: “Problematic Pipe

i can emphasize with toms plight.loss of a loved one can cloud judgement,and induce intense emotion.my mother passed i was in the same state of mind.it is a poor law to legalize medical marijuana and no way to legally smoke it.similar to making shot glasses illegal.this issue stinks with police state mental about legal MM.profiling and pull over for nothing except the police do not like your looks?or when his plates were ran,did it show he was a mmj card holder?plate checks now reveal mass personal information the police will not share with you until they can find a reason to use it against you.some info example: they know how much you owe on cars,houses,if you possess a ccw permit and other financial infomation.do i understand T.P.D has a record i am a card holder?so much for medical privacy.do they check painkiller perscription patients?no they do not need a card.the war on drugs is alive and well,as is the corruption that goes hand-in-hand.private prisons are coming to the rescue.they will save the state lots of money,as long as the prisons maintain 90% capacity.[fact]the medical marijuana issue is pesky to these corporate masters[thugs].after all we all know the biggest prison industry in the world,whose population is 70% non-violent,convicted of victimless drug crimes.and the majority are minorities.now that does not just smell.IT STINKS.

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Posted by legend on 03/22/2012 at 8:26 AM

Re: “Clinical Carelessness

i am sorry for your bad experience with mmj clinics.i empathize with your state of pain.i too have suffered with chronic pain for years.i have seen several medical doctors my leg pain was x-rayed and examined every time.i was always told they could not operate,i was just looking for drugs,or just learn to live with it.narcotics were always out of the question,as i have never found one that did not make me ill.by the way my doctor visits ranged from $100-$1000 a visit."after all a doctor has to be paid for his/her time".now i am disabled at 52.marijuana is an answer to my prayers.helps my pain,apetite,and sleep.not a cure ,but peace for a while.fixed income,support household,ect.meds are hard to afford.med clinics will get better.give them a chance.i try hard to help leave a legacy to those we leave behind the gift of legal marijuana.you are a great insperation to me j.m.smith.thank you for caring.it gets dark in the world of medical marijuana sometime.then there are lights helping guide the way.it is people like you,holding candles of hope.thank you.

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Posted by legend on 11/17/2011 at 8:45 AM

Re: “Examining the Exam

clifford,i could not have said it better.it makes me wonder if doctors at the medical- marijuana clinics will be rounded up and marched off to prison,as happened to thousands of doctors when the government decided they where over prescribing morphine in first half of the century.i consider these doctors at the med-marijuana clinics to be brave warriors,willing to put it all on the line to help fight for the ill at all costs.are you J.L Smith?support these clinics,and admire these professionals who are ,in their own right,are fighting for our freedom of choice.these days that is rare."if we don't stand for something we'll fall for anything",support,don't attack them.we need them and they need us."the revolution will not be televised."

Posted by legend on 11/13/2011 at 8:08 AM

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