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    Sammy Baxter on 05/21/2019 at 5:30 PM
    Choosing a pet is not only about the animal, it's also about what is right for the pet owner. I have looked at all the adopt-a-pet websites over many months and have visited as well, and the majority of dogs that are available are some sort of pit or rottie mix. What if the person looking for a pet wants a breed that is easier to handle or care for, and/or doesn't come with a history of neglect or abuse that will likely manifest in behavioral issues? I'm old, had a stroke last year, and I would love to have a pet companion, but pet shelters offer limited choices that aren't right for everyone. I couldn't handle bathing or even walking a heavy dog. Don't judge people for wanting a dog that pet shelters don't offer. Adopting would have been my first choice, but it could take me years to find a pet through a shelter, and I'm already old. lol