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    gvjim on 09/24/2014 at 4:11 AM
    Gabby's and Mark's ARS ad was an excellent, effective public service. At least thrice McSally rejected the idea of making any changes in gun loopholes, including for stalkers, and bragged about her self rating of 10 for the NRA.
    The closing of the loophole promoted by Gabby's and Mark's ARS is a life-saving measure.
    McSally's citing herself being stalked and held in a hostage-like situation was nothing more than an attempt to confuse the issue. She was using that as a kind defense, a sympathy move, and it had little real substance since she chose not elaborate on it at all, not even saying there is or there is not any police records of the case.
    Sticking to the facts, important facts, McSally championed the maintenance of loopholes for stalkers, for which there is ample evidence that lives are endangered, lives are at stake. It was not until she was confronted by the ARS ad, which was confirmed truthful with four stars by the Arizona Republic's Fact Check, that she and her RNCC handlers realized she was in a politically untenable position. So McSally caved, and that's good, because closing the loophole will protect stalking victims and save lives.
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    gvjim on 09/12/2013 at 4:46 PM
    Thanks, Jim. Please do stay on top of this most important story line.
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    gvjim on 08/15/2013 at 5:03 PM
    Re: “Downing
    A very nice article. And well written.
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    gvjim on 08/02/2013 at 4:11 PM
    Re: “Ballot Boxing
    Jim, a good article. But, while you write at some length about the Democrats’ work with Permanent Early Voters, I was surprised you said nothing about the more productive effort by Republicans whose Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) exceeds the Democrat's by over 110,000. The PEVL turnout in the 2012 general election was 88-90% for both parties. It’s clear the Republican’s new omnibus law HB2305 is narrowly focused at reducing the Democrat’s highly successful democratic performance with the PEVL turnout.
    Jim Woodbrey
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    gvjim on 09/09/2010 at 12:57 PM
    Re: “Races to Watch
    Dr. Todd Camenisch is not only an accomplished medical research scientist who in his work must seek out and deal with facts and truths, he’s a former Marine Corps combat field medic, school board member, university educator and advisor to U of A students. As a Navy Reservist who has actually served at our southern border and as a hunter who has hunted there, he is fully informed about the problems there. That is why he believes that SB1070 does not go far enough. While the SB1070 law does nothing to secure our border, it does impose new demands and a de facto stiff, unfunded mandate on our local law enforcement.

    Todd Camenisch believes in doing more than the big tough talking of Antenori and his lock step kowtowing to his Phoenix-based Republican bosses. Todd believes in serving southern Arizonans by doing something meaningful in securing the border, something that Antenori and his Phoenix bosses would never do – provide real commitment to our local law enforcement organizations by increasing state funding to them. Frank Antenori bragged that he's not a Tucsonan. He's correct, he's tied to the hips of Phoenix bosses.

    Frank Antenori says he voted for only small cuts to Arizona education, something like 2-4 percent. Todd Camenisch knows the truth. It’s more like 35 percent. Frank Antenori has no commitment to education. Todd Camenisch believes in real support of Arizona businesses and jobs development. Frank Antenori believes in punishing businesses by voting for onerous penalties on those who through no fault of their own have undocumented workers. Frank Antenori voted to cut support of commercial development.
    Todd Camenisch is devoting his career to education and economic opportunities for all Arizonans.

    While Frank Antenori is a verbose braggart and ideologue who attacks and degrades those who do not follow his extremisms, Dr. Camenisch is a solid citizen and problem solver who works with all stakeholders. To improve Arizona, contribute to and vote for Dr. Todd Camenisch.


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