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    Mike Sherline on 02/23/2012 at 9:08 AM
    Re: “Blogislature 2012
    "SB 1174 would require purchasers to undergo instant background checks before purchasing a firearm at gun shows, which are not bound by the current law that requires checks at gun shops." It's not that there's a "gun show loophole" though a lot of people think that because it's become such a catch phrase in the media, it's that private sales between individuals who are not licensed commercial dealers don't require background checks. Perhaps they should, but it's federal law, and the NICS is a federal service provided by the FBI. Don't we revile anything the federal gummit does in AZ?
    Mike Sherline,
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    Mike Sherline on 12/26/2011 at 10:56 PM
    Re: “Danehy
    Tom, this is beneath you - making fun of someone's name. We recently started watching Ch 13 news, and consider her a fine reporter. On the other stations all the field reporters' voices are so strident, even screechy, they grate on my nerves and make my hair stand on end. It was such a relief to hear Ms. Wasu's modulated tones as well as her lucid, intelligent presentation of events. And Ms. Wasu, I hope you didn't mean to type: "It mean's precious..". We're being inundated with misplaced apostroophes of late.