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    Pasquale on 03/14/2010 at 5:41 PM
    Re: “Guest Opinion
    While we get rid of the aircraft noise, let us also do away with the vehicular noise. Those loud stereos and mufflers are killing us. Noise from vehicles has gotten four times worse than is was before. Those aircraft are thousands of feet above our heads but those cars are right next to us on the road and they drive within feet of our homes. And most of the noise comes from drug addicts and gun-toten drunks who kill anyone for telling them to be quiet. Come on city of Tucson, let's rid our streets of unwanted, noisy and dangerous cars/trucks/buses. I say we pass a bill that eliminates all motor vehicles from the streets of Tucson. We can bike, walk or ride horses through town. Let's not stop with the aircraft, lets rid ourselves of all the noise once and for all.

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