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I'm from Southern Arizona. I was raised in Sonoita by Wolves and currently run down game here in Tucson. Pima college has twice decorated me for surviving the grueling challenges of matriculation. Blackjack Pizza & Sabino Canyon Tours are the people who paid the bills. I'm a photographer and hiker who knows what this place feels like in August. Give me Liberty or be Destroyed. I love the desert and the Tucson environment. Currently I hate tea-baggers & other hypocrites to conservative values. Republican isn't supposed to mean stupid! Jon McCain was the man until he started smelling Bushes farts. He's still the best Senator in Washington though. Somewhere in that man is a hero waiting to come unglued & waste those AGENTS OF INTOLERANCE. Our state legislature is full of pussies. They need to do some REAL WORK & stop bitching about Birth Certificates and State Knicknames. I'm sick of the whole bunch of CRIMINAL ASSHOLES. The PAYDAY LOAN Lobbyist is here to be BLOWN: That must be Russel Pierce's afternoon appointment every Friday considering how much time the legislature spends doing their bidding.

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    wolf on 03/24/2010 at 10:00 PM
    Tea Baggers? Birthers? Why should any real conservative think they matter? Thinking is really an important part of understanding our government & I see no evidence that these groups do much of that. Our legislature is not only without shame, they are also incapable of leadership or rational thought so why should we be paying attention to their desires? They don't pay any attention to voters.

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