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    Rena Caudle on 01/18/2010 at 4:20 PM
    I read your article and you seem to write very well. I am Shawna's mother and when I read what my son said to you he forgot to mention the other robery Shawna and Jason Bush and a third party did. They went that night to my best friends house at 9:30 pm, knocked on the door and identified themselvs as officers of the law. When they were invited in they pulled a gun on them and tied them up, Pete and Lyn Myers, but left their mentally challenged son untied. They told them they knew that they knew there was a large sum of money in the house and made Lyn unlock their safe and took $12,000 from them. They went around wiping off fingerprints and dimantaling their phones but forgot to wipe off the cell phone. They then called the get away car with Shawna in it and told her to start the car as they were on their way out. They then left. Lyn had to hop over to her next door neighbor and have them untie her and called the police. How do I know this? Shawna knew Lyn, knew she had money in the house and had even cut Lyn's hair once. Shawna knows all of my friends. Starting on the sixth of June Shawna called me every day. The first time she asked me Lyn's address because she wanted to send her a thank you gift for the cute photo pic she made for Shawna. On Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Shwana called me asking me how Lyn was. She sounded so close that I asked Merrill if people could sond so close when far away on a cell phone as I don't have one. He said he didn't know. I called the Sherif's dept. and told them I knew who did it after Lyn called me on the 8th to tell me about the robbery. I knew right away she did it because she was acting out of the ordinary. She never inquired about my friends like she did then. The cops did a gps tracking on Shawnas phone and found she and Bush stayed in Cottonwood at a motel and left several witnesses. They had Merrill's safe and asked the manager for a crowbar to open it. She refused. They bragged about Gunnys wound telling them he got shot on the border by an illegal. They found Merrill's safe 100 yds. from the motel. They took a guy along with them to rob Merrill's hose and when he saw what they were doing he ran and has since been questioned. The police here have not pressed charges yet because she is already in jail and that crime takes precedent over the other. They are already well on their way to working very qwell on the shooting of her husband. They ( E.P.Dept)didn't find anything to support her rape claim. People who saw her close up said her injuries were fake. We all think she had herself shot to make her look like a victim but we can't prove that---Yet! After all, she is number one suspect in her husbands shooting. I just thought you might find that interesting and I have other stuff you might find interesting.