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Re: “Justice for LaVoy Rally

The rally went great. We had some excellent speakers who talked about how LaVoy should never have been murdered and what took place according to video(s) of the incident they had monitored, (several of the speakers had spoken with LaVoy's daughter the day before to see what she would like to take place and they quoted he)r. There were only a handful of opponents across the street but Roy had invited some of them to speak and after one hour (our protest lasted 4 hours), the opponents across the street left. Except for a few who actually joined us and spoke. Roy wanted Black Lives Matter but none showed up as they have similar feelings about police shootings. Overall, the protest went very well and it was peaceful as Roy had wanted.

Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 03/05/2016 at 12:38 AM

Re: “Dolores Huerta: There's More to The Story Than Republican Mythology

Huerta says it doesn't hurt the U.S. to teach the kids that Mexico owned the area. Yes, it does hurt the country when you are teaching these kids to "hate" another ethnic group (in this case "whites"), teaching them "separatism" and to stay separate and be Mexican first and teaching them to overthrow the government ("treason") and kill people. U.S. Rep. Charles Norwood wrote a report called "The Truth about La Raza" and if you google this report, you will see he talks about these radical Mexicans/Chicanos' plan to take over the SW and then make an "ETHNIC CLEANSING" (remember Hitler's "ethnic cleansing"?) where they plan to get rid of/murder "anyone" NOT of Mexican descent! The reason Americans are against illegal aliens stealing American jobs is we have 23 Million Americans unemployed. And every illegal alien's child who takes a place in our colleges means an American student has lost his or her education. The real victims are American children and American workers. In Mexico, they rape, rob & murder their illegal aliens and in Mexico it is a "felony" where they get 2 yrs. in prison the first time and 10 yrs. in prison the 2nd time and after! The people who built our nation are legal immigrants not illegal aliens. Real "immigrants" come legally and come to be "American" - not to be Mexican or any other nationality. If you want to be Mexican, stay in Mexico! And don't come to take over our nation! Also, these radical "hate" teachings have caused the children to beat up white & black children, and some have almost been blinded and murdered! We don't want hate in our schools nor teachings of Revolution! These classes divide the kids - they don't bring them together! As one of their books says (Message to Aztlan) at pg. 17 "I sow seeds of hate"...

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Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 11/05/2013 at 2:49 AM

Re: “Dolores Huerta: There's More to The Story Than Republican Mythology

There are many misconceptions here and untruths. First of all, Huerta calls "illegal aliens" (people who break our laws to come here and even commit felonies like buying & using phony ID's or buying stolen Americans' ID's (fraud is a a felony and they are "all" felons!). She calls them "immigrants" and that is what they want you to believe but it is a lie! The word "immigrant" is an immigration term from the U.S. Code and it means ONLY those who come legally. They know it is a respected word in our country and try to force Americans to use it for the illegal lawbreakers. The radical chicanos have a movement called "Aztlan" (a/k/a "La Reconquista") and people call them "Aztlaneros" - they are the racists and hate the "gringo" (white people). They are on their 3rd Plan to take over first the SW of our nation and then the entire nation! and murder anyone (including blacks, Asians, etc.) who do not leave willingly. Their books they were teaching in Raza Studies (which also goes by Mexican-American Studies, Chicano Studies, etc.) teach them "hate" for white people and to make a War/Revolution on the U.S. If you wish to read their books and are going to read "Occupied America" by Acuna, then make sure you read the edition they were using (I have proof) - the 5th Edition where they distort American history and make the U.S. into the evil perpetrator. This book has quotes (pg. 323) of "kill the gr-ngo" and at pg. 167 "...execute all white males over age 16". Also, read "Message to Aztlan" by Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales where he has whole poems telling the kids to make a Revolution, telling the Indians to "take scalps" and telling them how we must "destroy Capitalism" and so much more. Cesar Chavez believed in non-violence and hated the illegals (he would call the "migra" every time he caught one because they sabotaged his union's strikes) and Huerta & other radicals make him into a martyr for illegals (another lie). This Aztlan Movement is not a hispanic one but only a Mexican movement and it is based on lies. Mexico only owned the area for 24 yrs. and they stole it from the Spaniards and were not up here before the Spaniards. Their Pres. Santa Ana came begging to us because he had blown the $15 Million we gave him after we won the area from Mexico and asked us for another $10 Million & offered us 30,000 more acres and we accepted. In the radical classes, they teach the kids wrongly that we "stole their land". Leaders of their Movement when asked stated "Communism" is the closest ideology to what they believe!

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Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 11/05/2013 at 1:54 AM

Re: “Guest Commentary

One of the reasons there are so many millions of illegals here - there are NOT 11 Million but 40-60 Million illegals and 80% of them Mexican. Mexico has very rigid laws against illegals and they are very frequently murdered, raped and robbed. It is a "felony" in Mexico to sneak into their country (not a misdemeanor like here). Also, the former Governor Napolitano did next to nothing and a lot of stuff that was predestined it appeared to have little or not effect on the border because she herself is partially of Mex. descent. Her father was born there and I read she went to school there. Her grandmother is a Mex. citizen and she took all her info off the internet. ALSO, MEXICO HAS AN AGENDA TO TAKE OVER THE SW INCLUDING 7 SW STATES AND MURDER ANYONE WHO IS NOT OF MEX. DESCENT. GOOGLE: "LA RECONQUISTA" OR THEIR OTHER NAME FOR IT "AZTLAN" AND READ THE LATE U.S. REP. CHARLES NORWOOD'S REPORT "THE TRUTH ABOUT LA RAZA" to see what they have planned including an "ethnic cleansing" (like Hitler)!

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Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 11/04/2013 at 12:01 AM

Re: “Guest Commentary


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Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 10/30/2013 at 11:56 PM

Re: “The Skinny

The Demos as usual are inventing weirdnesses to get their opponents out. The Redistricting (IMHO) was exactly to do that. And that is why Frank lost. Frank h as his values in the right place and actually represents Arizonans and not traitorous agendas as apparently some of our politicians are doing such as Mexico's agenda to take over the SW of this nation although they only owned it for 24 years!!! (the least of everyone who owned it). They plan to get rid not only of the white man (by violence if they can't get it any other way) but plan on doing an "ethnic cleansing" of anyone who is not of Mex. descent (even American Indians will not be allowed to be here). And if you have seen what Mexicans are doing in CA to blacks (murdering them, beating them with pipes, etc.)- that is just the beginning! A few years ago, Mexicans were murdering blacks in Ca and now they are starting again it appears: Waves of Anti-Black violence in Compton, CA - Stormfront
www.stormfront.org › Stormfront › News › Newslinks & Articles
10 posts - 7 authors - 3 days ago
Attack on family in Compton latest incident in wave of anti-black violence - latimes.com.

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Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 01/30/2013 at 12:56 AM

Re: “School Rule

I also attended this meeting. I am surprised that no one brought up the matter of $1.6 MILLION OF STOLEN PROPERTY THAT DISAPPEARED FROM TUSD SCHOOLS UNDER ADELITA GRIJALVA'S PRESIDENCY IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Ms. Grijalva has been on the board so many years and TUSD has just gotten worse and worse. It is truly time for a change! That leaves the other 3. Although Raza (race) Studies (and yes "Raza" is the correct & primary word for "race"!) teaches "hate" and "revolution" (have you noticed that no one ever talks about what teaching materials are being taught in Raza Studies), Ortega still says he would use Raza Studies to teach American History! He is out of the picture for me, also with little Adela. That leaves Michael & Armand who both gave excellent answers to the questions. Mr. Hicks has a child in TUSD and is involved. He also has life & business experience which would be a big plus for managing TUSD's money which has been managed terribly in all this time if not stolen (one school had hundreds of thousands of $ stolen under Adelita's presidency I do believe); Mr. Salese is an attorney and knows the issues plaguing TUSD. He also appears to have something very unusual these days; it's called "common sense"! He would also be a big plus. What we need is a private & "independent" (not of the same ethnic group & unbiased) "auditor" to read the books and teaching materials; then a committee (also independent and unbiased) to adjudge the problem with the public being allowed to present evidence and their side of the matter! That would provide the information and evidence that is needed!

Posted by JUSTICEFORALL on 10/14/2010 at 2:12 AM

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