Police Dispatch

Do-Gooder in the 'Hood

East Second Street April 14, 5:45 p.m.

In a story strangely parallel to—yet quite the opposite of—the lost-and-stolen-bike story, a UA officer encountered a man wandering campus (on the same street as the would-be bike thief, no less) in possession of an envelope crammed full of someone else's cash...

...But, according to the UAPD report of the incident, this man actually—literally—had found the money on the street and, far from keeping it, was going out of his way to give it back.

In this story, instead of getting stopped by the reporting officer, the man flagged him down a few blocks from the campus police station, where he said he was headed so he could turn in the envelope he'd just found. This good Samaritan explained that he'd noticed the envelope—which sported a credit union logo on the front—lying in the road near a residence hall and wanted to return its contents: $200 worth of $20 bills.

The officer took the envelope and brought it to the station so it could be claimed by its rightful owner.