Lando Chill Speaks Truth at the Boy Who Spoke to the Wind Album Release Show at Presidio San Agustín del Tucson

"There's a reason why we don't have a stage, there's a reason why there's 360 degrees of movement, there's a reason why we're eye-level. It's cause we are all the same." Lando Chill spoke slowly to the crowd so that they absorbed every word.

Lando Chill and Altrice hosted an album release show for his sophomore album The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind Saturday, June 24. Chill addressed imperfections of humanity by weaving it into his poetry and songs. Chill spoke on the issues like oppression of people of color, women empowerment and his experiences as a young black man. 

Altrice opened the show nodding to pop hip-hop rulers like Kendrick Lamar and Bryson Tiller, and mixed high-distortion vocal samples and with mellow sounds. People head-nodded to the beats as they strolled in.

Then it was time to Chill: "I want to you to be with me as I am with you." The audience crowded around the floor of lights. Chill Looked into every eye looking at him.  His state-of-mind shifted song to song, and he raised his fist and howled at the top of his lugs in frustration during one song, then serenaded and danced into tranquility in the next. Chill shared experiences and epiphanies, particularly those that lead to the making of his album:

"We were in Madera Canyon creating music. In the morning I went up to the mountain 'cause I had to check my twitter. So I would get up before everyone else and climb this mountain every morning. It was how I got reception, but one morning I realized that I actually went up on this mountain blocking myself from what was really important. The bugs were buzzing and the wind was blowing and the birds were chirping and nature was doing its thing. Of course that is what it does everyday but you see today is special, that day was special, everyday is special. There is an awareness we have when we realize we are one with everything around us. In that moment I realized I was one with the wind, the mountains, the leaves, the bugs, and the birds on that hot morning. I sat down with my copy of The Alchemist, and I wrote. I wrote my own story, my own personal legend, my own path. In writing that, I ended up writing The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind."