Police Dispatch

Cascarón Car Caper

North Park Avenue

April 10, 1:41 a.m.

A local driver and a bicyclist were chased around midtown at about 2 a.m. by someone throwing eggs—both raw and confetti filled—out a car window, said a University of Arizona Police Department report.

A UA officer at Park Avenue and Second Street saw two cars speeding up Park at 45 mph, ignoring a stop sign. He successfully pulled over the second vehicle, whose driver said both cars were only trying to escape a third car, carrying at least one passenger who was chucking eggs out the window—some regular (raw) eggs, and some hollowed-out eggs containing confetti (commonly known as cascarones).

The driver said his car's windshield had actually been cracked by one of the eggs (in an odd role reversal); the officer also saw that one of this car's passengers was covered with egg residue (though the report didn't specify whether egg was on her face, literally). The officer saw eggshells and confetti inside the car, and broken eggs were on the ground nearby in the street.

An upset bicyclist then coasted up to the cop with raw egg covering his sleeve, also evidently a target.

At the time of the report, the egg tosser(s) hadn't been apprehended. And unfortunately for the car-driving victim, he was caught without a valid license; thus his car—eggy evidence and all—was impounded.