Police Dispatch

At Least the Thief Was Frugal...?

At Least the Thief Was Frugal...?

UA Area

March 3, 11:50 a.m.

Someone apparently frequenting small towns in Ohio used the numbers from a University of Arizona faculty member's work credit card to fraudulently spend an outrageous amount of money with it—at the Dollar General, according to a UA Police Department report.

The reportee, a professor with the UA School of Dance, told UA officers that someone had recently put more than $3,000 on her Dance Department credit card without permission. She said three separate charges had been made using the card—two transactions each costing a little more than $1,000 at one Dollar General store in West Unity, Ohio, and another purchase adding up to $1,045.78 at a different Dollar General store in Wauseon, Ohio.

The physical credit card—which the reportee almost always kept locked up in a drawer on campus—was cancelled, and another issued. The police report didn't reveal what was bought (in other words, how anyone could've possibly spent three grand at a discount-store chain).