Police Dispatch

Much Ado About Something

San Xavier Beat

Feb. 16, 7:08 p.m.

A man digging through a southwest-side Circle K dumpster was found wielding a car's bumper as a weapon and yelling at everyone around him (apparently not due to the earplugs he was wearing), a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A customer told sheriff's deputies that the man had been screaming obscenities and racial slurs at passers-by, also trying to fight customers and even threatening to injure them by throwing at least one heavy object he had in his hands. He was also apparently in possession of a big part of a metal car bumper, which he'd been waving around. The reportee said he personally hadn't felt afraid of the man, but his "extremely odd behavior" made him worry for others' safety.

Deputies located the subject nearby in a wash, carrying "a coffee mug in one hand and a piece of a metal square tubing in the other." Dropping these things, the man heeded their call to approach, but as he identified himself, he yelled, saying he'd been "just trying to go about his business, but people were messing with him."

Seeing that the man was wearing earplugs, deputies asked him to remove them—but the man kept yelling even after doing so. After he agreed to let them search him, on his person deputies found an empty cigarette pack containing a piece of a McDonald's straw that one deputy identified as the sort of thing commonly employed to smoke heroin—but looked unused. Then, in a pocket of the man's purple backpack, deputies found a black plastic bag containing a glass pipe with a bulb at one end, commonly used to smoke meth—but this, too, appeared to have never been used. The man said he didn't use narcotics but had the pipe because "he just liked to look through it." He was brought to jail for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.