Editor's Note

McSally, remember when you were a lion?

I recall sitting in the Sabino High School auditorium about six years ago, listening to four Republican candidates explain why they were the best choice to fill the CD 8 seat left vacant by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The event, organized by the Sabino Teen-Age Republicans, included former state Sen. Frank Antenori, Marine veteran Jesse Kelly, Dave Sitton and retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally. The fun Republican kids asked each candidate what kind of animal would they be.

McSally, who didn't win that race, told the crowd that she once took a personality test that compares people to animals, and she came out a lion. McSally said that's "for people who are warriors and are leaders and want to get things done."

According to this week's Skinny (Page 6), by Jim Nintzel, McSally is avoiding—and has been for weeks now—a request by constituents to have an open town hall to hear what they have to say and hear what their congresswoman has to say in return.

McSally has always described herself as a warrior, but ignoring calls to meet with constituents and have a town hall meeting isn't, well, very warrior like, is it?

Folks from her office say it will happen, we just don't know when or if it will be the kind of town hall people are asking for. If McSally really is on the fence, I guess I just want to remind her that she is a lion, after all, and unless she is of the cowardly variety, a town hall meeting should be easy.

— Mari Herreras, mari@tucsonlocalmedia.com