Police Dispatch

Silly Kid, Those "Treats" Are for Grown-Ups

North Twin Lakes Drive

Oct. 31, 9:06 p.m.

A father found a baggie full of pharmaceuticals mixed in with his child's Halloween-candy collection, a PCSD report stated.

On Halloween night, the father told deputies he'd taken his son and a group of kids trick-or-treating in a nice neighborhood on the East Side, and everything had seemed normal—he didn't remember any of the houses seeming weird or any residents giving out anything other than candy. But when he was later looking through his child's sack of goodies, he said, he found a small sandwich baggie full of pills of all different shapes, colors and sizes—probably sugar free, but definitely unhealthy for children.

At the time of the report, deputies hadn't been able to determine whether the pill giveaway had been an accident—a pill addict who'd misplaced their stash when sneaking candy from the Halloween bowl, perhaps—or a deliberate poisoning attempt. The latter was certainly a possibility, but it would seem to have been poorly planned, since even small children would likely spit out such bitter "candy" if they happened to try eating a pill, and the baggie was grungy, not camouflaged to look like a candy bag. (Besides... well... wouldn't a pill addict want to keep those things for themselves?)

No other children in the neighborhood had received such a surprise in their trick-or-treating bags, and ultimately deputies were unable to find the source of the fun-size pill variety pack.