Police Dispatch

He's Not Playing Around (and Neither Are the Cops)

San Xavier Beat

Aug. 31, 6:15 p.m.

A 37-year-old man living in his mom's trailer threw a criminally disturbing tantrum when he couldn't use his PlayStation because a neighbor had been stealing his family's wifi to watch porn, forcing his mother to disconnect their Internet, a PCSD report stated.

Two deputies went to the residence to interview the mother, who told one of them she'd indeed shut down the internet because someone nearby had been downloading pornography using their network. She said once her son discovered that his PlayStation wasn't working because of this situation, he started screaming, stomping around and throwing things—including a DVD player—before running outside to hide behind the trailer. She believed he'd been smoking marijuana.

Another deputy went outside to find the son, who was now in front of the residence carrying some food items and his PlayStation in a bag—as if he were planning on "running away from home." He "had a slight odor of marijuana."

The man admitted he'd become upset when his PlayStation wouldn't work, but he said he'd only yelled at "people that had yelled at him," referring to his mother as well as his sister, whom he said was temporarily sleeping at the trailer despite having been banned from the place because of a domestic-violence situation she'd been involved in there.

The subject also denied throwing the DVD player "in an angry manner," saying he'd simply "tossed (it) onto the couch," and from there it fell to the floor.

The deputies felt that the evidence weighed against the subject, so he was handcuffed and brought to jail (joining his sister as a member of the family allegedly involved in domestic violence at their mother's trailer).