Police Dispatch

Not Exactly a Pickup Artist

Foothills Area

Aug. 24, 11:02 a.m.

A pathological woman-harasser with racist leanings was finally kicked out of a grocery store after making some beyond-inappropriate statements to an employee (and also causing a public disturbance over some paper napkins he'd "autographed"), according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at a foothills-area Safeway, where the manager told them the man had recently been coming in and trying to make friends with female employees. At one point, he'd grabbed some of the store's paper napkins and signed them before giving them to two female workers with the suggestion that they "sell them on eBay."

She said that while he'd indeed bothered several workers, he'd been especially "aggressively romantic" toward one female in particular, who'd made a written statement about the situation.

According to the statement, the man said many (extremely disturbing) things to this victim, such as, "How do you treat your men?" and, "I take walks in your neighborhood and think about you" and even, "Do you ever walk to the Circle K in your neighborhood alone at night when it is pitch black?"

The victim also reported that the man said "he had not had sex since he had gotten to Arizona three years ago and she was the first girl he actually talked to."

According to the victim, this man had only once tried to get her to meet him ... but he did it through a (sinister, ridiculously worded) invitation to go "to his house and to bring movies, but nothing sexual would happen and they could drink however much they wanted to."

That day—when deputies were called—the victim had reportedly confronted the subject in the store with a coworker at her side for safety, and the subject had gotten very angry, first making a racist remark about the coworker and then becoming "very loud and belligerent."

When the store's manager allegedly asked him to leave, he became even angrier, yelling swear words and refusing to depart until he'd gotten back his "autographed" napkins.

Upon being interviewed by deputies, the subject swore that actually it was the victim who'd been coming on to him, based on the logic that she had never verbally rebuffed him—even though she'd repeatedly rebuffed him physically, mainly by walking away.

Also, he told deputies, when she'd once revealed to him that she was 21, "he felt that was a come-on because why would somebody tell another person about their birth date unless that person was interested in the other person"?

(In conjunction with this comment, he implied that his interactions with this woman were OK, considering his comparable interactions with a 17-year-old employee at a nearby Subway, from which he'd been banned. In fact he'd been banned from at least three other places in the neighborhood thus far for his behavior.)

As he was being arrested—and banned from the Safeway—he looked at the arresting deputy and "smirked," saying "he understood and he would just walk to the Walgreens on Thornydale Road and talk to employees there."

He was put in jail that day.