Police Dispatch

Discount Department Store Dogfight

Foothills Area July 15, 12:14 a.m.

A man driving through a T.J. Maxx parking lot had a scuffle with strange man who damaged his vehicle, a PCSD report stated.

Upon deputies' arrival on scene, the reportee told them he'd noticed "a transient-type-looking subject" walking across the parking lot when his car was hit by a rock, obviously thrown by the so-called transient (another male). The subject allegedly then "started hollering and yelling" at the reportee, so he flipped him off—which stirred up yet more anger from the subject, who then ran up and kicked the car before fleeing into the T.J. Maxx store.

The reportee said he parked and started chasing the subject (while simultaneously calling 9-11), but before he could corner the other man inside the T.J. Maxx, the other man came back out through the store's front doors and ran up the street, out of view.

Deputies took photos of a slight dent in the side of the reportee's car, apparently caused by the rock hitting it, and kept the photos as evidence. Unfortunately, at the time of the report, they hadn't located the car kicker.