Police Dispatch

Punishing All for the Sins of One

East Drexel Road

July 4, 12:52 a.m.

A man hastily pooh-poohed his constitutional rights while being detained for threatening to beat up the entire population of a bar, a PCSD report said.

Two deputies responded to the Buggy Wheel Bar and Grill, 3156 E. Drexel Rd., and spoke with an employee who'd reported the incident. She said a man and his girlfriend had entered the venue already drunk, so she refused to serve them alcohol but did offer food.

Just as they were about to leave after eating, she said, the man appeared to hear someone snickering at him, so he turned around, became irate and began acting extremely belligerent—kicking over bar stools, screaming curses, pushing people and inviting "anyone and everyone in the bar" to fight. One of the bar stools he'd kicked apparently hit one patron in the hand, causing him slight injury.

When deputies approached the subject (still apparently too upset to have left the location), he first righteously walked right past them, then turned to declare, "Nothing is going on; I'm out of here," crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Once the deputies informed him he "wasn't going anywhere," he begrudgingly submitted to handcuffs but insisted that "he was not telling (deputies) shit, that he did not do anything wrong and that he knows his rights." Indeed, when one deputy tried to read him his Miranda rights, he immediately cut him off, saying, "I'm not talking to you; don't even bother telling me that shit."

Meanwhile the other deputy interviewed the man's girlfriend, who said when they were leaving, her boyfriend had been suddenly set off by a random stranger who told him, "I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend." She was unable to correctly identify this single provocateur.

The angry subject was jailed for assault and disorderly conduct.