Police Dispatch

One Woman's Bad Day, Another's Bad Hair Day

San Xavier Beat

June 10, 3:37 p.m.

A woman randomly took her personal problems out on an unfortunate female convenience-store clerk—screaming, throwing things and even pulling out the clerk's hair, a PCSD report stated.

A deputy responded to the southwest-side store and met with two women clerks, who said a small, tattooed Caucasian female had just tried to buy a pack of Newports, but her ID card had expired, so the first clerk (who was serving her) couldn't let her buy them. In response, both reportees said, the woman suddenly lost control, loudly cussing at the first clerk and reaching over the counter to grab her hair, some of which she did manage to yank out. Then the woman allegedly went around the sales counter to pick up a sizable credit card display and hurled it at both clerks, sending cards flying at them and spewing them all over the floor.

The clerks said the woman then got into a silver car and sped away.

Another deputy was able to get the car's license-plate number from a photograph taken by the clerks, and located the subject through her boyfriend (who owned and had been driving the car). The woman said she'd been upset that day over a child-support issue, which "kind of set her off."

She was cited and released for criminal damage and assault.