Miss Teen USA Eliminating Their Swimsuit Competition is Only a Small Step in the Right Direction

click to enlarge Maybe by the time this gal enters her pageant years Miss Teen USA will have its act together. - BIGSTOCK
Maybe by the time this gal enters her pageant years Miss Teen USA will have its act together.

Miss Teen USA contestants will be trading their swimsuits and high heels for sports bras and running shoes. 

The high profile beauty pageant has decided to discontinue their swimsuit contest, now judging the 51 contestants in a brand new athletic wear competition instead. 

Insert slow clap here. 

While the organization has always promoted and defended the traditional swimsuit competition as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle, let's be real: There's much better ways to promote health than by having teenage girls parade around in bikinis. 

Honestly the new athletic competition isn't just a better fit because it can promote fitness and strength without completely objectifying young girls, but also it's an obvious fact that teenage girls spend more time in yoga pants than they do in swimsuits.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that beauty pageants are "meant" to build confidence, showcase beauty and provide scholarships, BUT I also think the whole system itself continues to undermine progress being made in a society trying to prioritize feminism and equality. 

Have you ever seen a "plus size" girl compete, let alone win, a pageant like Miss Teen USA?

To credit the Miss Universe Organization, this is one of many small steps they've made in efforts to modernize the pageant. Maybe they're trying to rebrand and distant themselves from previous owner Donald Trump, who sold the company in September.  

Let's just say that this beauty pageant, and all for that matter, have a long way to go before they're inclusive and promote and represent ALL women and their beauty.