Police Dispatch

Hopefully a Better Father's Day to Come...

May 7, 2 a.m.

As part of a very sad family situation, a grown woman caused a horrible public argument with her mom on the very eve of Mother's Day—an argument so horrible that she was arrested for it, according to a PCSD report.

The subject's mother called deputies from a Circle K convenience store, where she and her daughter had just been in an intense verbal altercation, with her daughter (who might've been on drugs) "flipping out."

When deputies arrived, they found the daughter outside the store smoking a cigarette while yelling profanities at her mother before calling a friend (and proceeding to also yell profanities into the phone at her friend).

The subject was described as "going off on multiple tangents ... and being extremely loud," disturbing store employees and customers. She was so upset that it took her numerous attempts just to explain to deputies that she was angry with her mother due to their recent fight. She used numerous ugly words to describe her mother, such as "fucking bitch," telling one deputy, "She always intervenes in everything I do; she never leaves me alone and lets me do what I want to do."

She was brought to jail for disturbing the peace.