Police Dispatch

Um, What Did You Expect?

Rincon Beat

May 20, 4:40 p.m.

A woman blatantly harassed her ex-boyfriend—to the point of stalking him at his father's house and refusing to leave—yet was indignantly surprised when he so much as mentioned involving law enforcement, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

By the time a sheriff's deputy was able to arrive on scene (the reportee's dad's home), the ex-girlfriend had essentially just fled. The reportee said that although his ex didn't really live with him anymore, they shared a child in common and thus needed to keep in contact—but their communication always involved "a lot of tension."

He'd been spending time at his father's that day working on a car, he said, when his ex started texting and calling him over and over; eventually she "started cursing at him and being belligerent with him over the phone."

Then, randomly and without warning, she allegedly showed up at his father's house—even more belligerent than before. She aggressively refused to leave, he said. But when he mentioned he might need to call the cops to incite her to leave his dad's property, "her response ... was essentially kind of disbelief." The reportee paraphrased her next statement as an incredulous shriek, "You're really going to call the fucking cops on me?!"

In any case, though, his approach worked: He said that after he once more asked her to leave—about 10 minutes prior to the deputy's arrival—she'd driven away of her own accord in her car without any more trouble.

The subject wasn't pursued, but the reportee took down the deputy's information in case further such problems occurred.