Police Dispatch

Totally Hammered

West Western Way Circle

April 13, 2:12 a.m.

A short, heavy man armed with an odd instrument of destruction caused scene in a west-side bar before threatening to run over someone with his truck, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Dispatch was contacted by a bartender at Brat's Bar and Grill, 5975 W. Western Way Circle, who said an angry customer—a male about 5'4" and 200 pounds—was breaking through the bar's glass front door with some large tool, possibly a machete or large hammer.

Sheriff's deputies arrived to find that the establishment's door was indeed broken, and the other customers were all shaken up, though the person who'd broken it had just driven away in a black Toyota pickup truck. Apparently before breaking the door, the subject had started acting aggressive toward a male patron sitting at the bar (possibly due to a fight over a woman), calling this individual a "pussy" and then hitting and pushing him. (The victim of the fight—a bar regular—was injured but didn't need medical attention.)

The subject then apparently fled the bar, leaving his debit card with the bartender. When she ran out to his truck to give it to him and to tell him he was now banned from the bar due to the fight, she said he bellowed that he was going to drive over her with his truck. After she ran back into the bar, he followed her with a machete- or hammer-like object and started beating on the door, breaking it after about six strokes with his tool.

Deputies located the subject on a road near the bar, standing outside his vehicle, obviously intoxicated. Though he flat-out denied assaulting the other customer and breaking the bar's door, there was plenty of evidence for deputies to arrest him on charges of criminal damage and driving drunk.