Editor's Note

Summer, I Love You

I recognize that it's easy for us to get into a summer frame of mind around these parts before summer officially arrives.

We have no choice, since getting in the car feels like we're preparing ourselves for the aliens that visit with that cookbook—the title of the cookbook was something like "To Serve Human."

Those of us who stay in Tucson during our hot months often have no choice. Do we pretend we like it and wear that like a badge since we can't leave jobs and family for cooler places? Maybe. Yes. I thought about that while visiting Phoenix last weekend—the city we always like to point out is hotter (and possibly not as shitty). It was 115 degrees and when I got back to Tucson on Sunday, it was 109 degrees. I'll be here most of the summer, and yep, I'll tell you proudly that I can survive Tucson summer as well as my family did before the arrival of the swamp cooler—ice, keeping the windows covered, fans, raspados, running outside in a monsoon rain, and only venturing out when the sun goes down.

My family also likes to take refuge at Bookmans, the Loft and raspados at Sonoran Delights in Barrio Menlo Park. It's hot. No matter what we do, we're all going to complain. When winter arrives and it's not as hot we might complain that it's cold. We're human. Let's see if we can simply get through the season being nice to each other, even to the family members who support Bernie, Donald or Hillary. Take your pick. Complain and sweat, or smile and sweat.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com