Police Dispatch

A Plague on Both Your Housemates

San Xavier Beat

April 14, 5:30 a.m.

Two Tucsonans were way beyond "inconvenienced" when their housemate—apparently either on drugs or mentally unstable—decided to lock them out (because he thought they were "stealing his teeth") while wreaking havoc inside, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The Sherriff's Department received a call from a female saying her housemate had locked her and another housemate out of their residence and, by the sounds of things, was destroying things inside.

When sheriff's deputies arrived on scene, they met with the two locked-out housemates and could hear banging and hammering noises coming from inside. The reportee said the subject had locked them out once in the past, and that time he'd not only caused damage to the house and their belongings but also clogged their only toilet by removing the food from their refrigerator and trying to flush it down. He'd also allegedly jumped up on their couch and tried to fight them.

After deputies announced themselves to the person inside, he emerged wearing only his underwear and complied with their command to sit on the porch. Still, he said "he was not going to let anyone in because they took all his teeth." He then opened his mouth, saying he was missing teeth (which he wasn't).

Deputies entered the residence despite the subject's protests and saw that he'd smashed a CD player with a hammer, broken numerous lamps, cracked the drywall in at least one room and caused lots of other damage.

Deputies took the subject to jail for disturbing the peace. The report didn't state a definitive cause for his behavior.