Best of Tucson: Vote Local, Spread the Word and Stop Typing 'N/A'

click to enlarge Best of Tucson: Vote Local, Spread the Word and Stop Typing 'N/A'
Don't stress yourself out trying to vote in every Best of Tucson category. Just tell us what you know.

I was ready to call you all cheaters, but that would have been a hot take. 

The first round of Best of Tucson® voting wraps up May 15, and I've started going through the ballots in preparation. Turn out, ya'll are pretty bad at reading directions.

I came across a lot of "N/A" and "?" votes. Investigating, I expected to find ballots with only a few genuine answers and a bunch of "N/A"'s bumping the number of responses over the 30 category minimum. I was ready to throw out some ballots.

Instead, I found a stack of ballots that had been properly filled out—with the notable exception of "N/A" being filled in for absolutely every category voters didn't have an opinion. That's a lot of extra typing. 

(As I seem to type on this blog at least once a week)(And as it says in the rules of the ballot), You only have to vote in a minimum of 30 categories in Best of Tucson®. Don't know where the best place to buy a piñata is? Leave that category blank and let the rest of the Old Pueblo weigh in. 

Vote local, share the link with your friends and fans, and don't stress about typing something in for all 191 categories.* 

*But if you do only vote in a couple of categories and fill in the rest of your responses with question marks we'll throw your ballot out, toots.